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Headteacher's Welcome

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Welcome to St.Misha International School. 

I am the school's head teacher. St.Misha International School is  a cyber school, which provides our students with the opportunity to  learn various creative subjects together with children of different cultural backgrounds in different areas.

At present  Filipino children at St.Misha International School are mainly from 2 regional hub cities, Hamamatsu City and Yokohama City, from which Filipino children moved from the Philippines, accompanied by their parents who visited Japan as migrating workers.


Davao city in the Philippines is one of the areas, where a lot of children have moved to Hamamatsu City and Yokohama City.  St.Misha International School has served Filipino children in Hamamatsu City and  Yokohama City The children feel isolated at public schools in those cities, work on the same project cooperatively online with Filipino children in Davao city.

Please join our school and learn together online with other students live in different areas!



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