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St.Misha International School was found 2019 based on the concept of Interregional cooperation for educational development among 3 Regions, ​ Hamamatsu City, Yokohama City and Davao City.

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In Hamamatsu city and Yokohama city there are many Japanese Filipino children in the public schools. However, some of them have difficulty adjusting to the Japanese public school system, which also culturally assimilates them to Japanese lifestyle. This struggle in assimilating to the Japanese school system has led to poor academic performance as well as cultural isolation.


This education platform provides a plan to build Interregional School, which will offer free Open Course Ware (OCW) lessons with high quality content via the Internet. Interregional School also will offer Collaborative Learning methodologies mediated by ICT to strengthen the cultural identities of both Japanese children in the Philippines and in Filipino children in Hamamatsu and Yokohama City, which in turn motivates them to actively participate and learn more in schools.

 This school provides quality education to develop the students’ potential to become leaders in Japan and in the Philippines.

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