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HIS Hybrid Learning

Hybrid learning is an education model, which combines face-to-face instruction with online learning.


Online classes had been conducted while HGU (Hamamatsu Gakuin University) facilities were closed last year. After classrooms got available, some classes  were left online because we knew that online education had some benefits more than traditional education. We believe that online learning would move from being a kind of side activity to being very mainstream even after the COVID-19 crisis.

HIS Rotation model

The students can take some classes at school and take other classes online.They rotate throughout school term between online learning and classroom instruction.

Online classes will be offered on Saturdays and Classroom Instructions on Wednesdays.

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Class Schedule in 2021

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Benefits of Online Learning


1. More Efficiency

Online learning can provide a platform for students to learn new tools

such as PDFs, podcasts, Blogs, videos on YouTube which encourage students to learn more and improve their learning experience.


2. More opportunities for interaction

Online learning doesn't separate people by city, county, or country borders. Students can meet people from different cultures and exchange ideas about classroom assignments, get questions answered about their interests, and broaden their horizons.


3. A variety of learning styles

Every student can learn, they just learn differently. Visual learners like graphs, videos, photographs, and other things they can see. They respond to visual cues that help their brain work through problems and pick up new knowledge. Some students prefer to learn through audio. Some students even learn best via e-learning gamification. Some have trouble participating in the large group discussion and do better on their own or in small groups. Online education can support a range of learning styles.


4. Fun activities

Students are more interested in learning with fun activities. They are able to learn more effectively with online classes which have more interesting features, videos, images, documentaries etc. Due to advanced technology, everyone is aware of the digital world and its applications. Whenever you want to study or refer to any study material, online learning can be more effective


5. Less Stressful

Many students are happier and less stressed than they were while sitting in a classroom.

Because they feel more comfortable and relaxed at home.

They can engage more in online learning. 

Online Classes

 One Global (Online Discussion)

Students will participate actively in online discussion and design their own projects to solve the global  problems. 

Tagalog as a Heritage Language

The maintenance of heritage language skills is part of the solution to the growing need for multilingual and multicultural citizens.

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