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Term 1 2018


Instructor :  Cristy  Ota

Aim of the course 

At the end of the course, students will be able to acquire more vocabulary words and better reading comprehension skills that would give them confidence to use English  in class. They will also become more familiar with the common English words use in the classroom.

Course Description 

This course exposes the students to the world of English. Various activities are provided that will give them opportunity to expand their vocabulary, use these vocabulary words in simple sentences, and be able to read from words to sentences.  More practice on reading comprehension and writing skills are also essential parts of this course.

Course Content

  1. Self-Introduction, Greetings 

  2. Things for School 

  3. Colors and Shapes

  4. At the Store (vocabulary-things at the store) 

  5. Introducing a Friend/Someone

  6. Identifying Singular and Plural Objects (things at the store)

  7. People at Home, Introduce your Family  

  8. Adjectives  (Describing People at Home)

  9. Things for Outdoors

  10. Adjectives (the Opposites)

  11. The Weather

  12. Different Food, Different Animals


Course Evaluation Methods

Seatworks, Games Activities, Writing and Speaking Activities, Homeworks, Written and Oral Examinations


Notice for Students

Teacher will provide keen support to fill in the language barriers and other difficulties that will be met by the students and so they (students) are also expected to do their share and their best in this course.

Text Book

Oxford International Early Years--Flitter's First Sparkle        

Oxford -  Let's Go Book 1

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