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Course syllabuses

Term 1 2018


Instructor :  Cristy  Ota

Aim of the course 

At the end of the course, students will be able to acquire sound mathematical skills that would give them confidence to use such skills in their daily life activities. They will also become more familiar with the use of English language as a medium of instructions, thus,  gaining more ease in using English inside and outside the classroom.

Course Description 

This course uses the following learning and teaching steps-- engage, discover, explore, connect & review, and assesstment-- with these strategies, students are exposed to various activities and mathematical problems which allow them to explore and discover the importance of Mathematics in peoples lives.


​Course Content

  1. Tens and Ones 

  2. Number Patterns and Properties 

  3. Number Pairs 

  4. Calculating - Addition and Subtraction 

  5. Number Families

  6. Multiplication and Division

  7. Parts of a Whole

  8. Shapes Everywhere

  9. Measurements

  10. Geometry

  11. Time

  12. Handling Data


Course Evaluation Methods

Seatworks, Boardworks, Quizzes, Homeworks, Written and Oral Examinations


Notice for Students

Teacher will provide keen support to fill in the language barriers and other difficulties that will be met by the students and so they (students) are also expected to do their share and their best in this course.

Text Book

Oxford International Primary Maths Book 2

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